these appeals are to no one but those who think like this anyway

resist the temptation of asking for

don’t regard the different symptoms of
this system in singularity

let no one speak in the name of anyone

don’t make the false separation between
your political life and the rest

find others who think like you, and be
friends with them, don’t view your relationship with them as
something “professional”

take care of one another, and resist
the temptation to be a martyr, every one is needed free and alive

build up pools of shared resources and
be respectful with them

take advantage of the abundance this
system produces and collectivize what you manage to acquire

don’t waste too much time on people who
claim to be allies but act in a way you see as counterproductive

don’t regard “the movement” as a
unit, a single actor

don’t let yourself be put in a cage of

don’t put yourself in a cage of

see that the movement is everywhere, in
every act of refusal and resistance, and in any act of creating
social relations that are not entirely governed by the logics of the

accept that there is no foolproof way
to overcome this system

don’t think of the system as a unified
enemy that can be overcome by a single strategy of getting to some
imaginary turning point to a world after “the revolution”

see that we have no experience with an
entirely different world, so we need to learn how to live it, and for
that, take any opportunity that comes along

don’t wait for others to impose the
change on you that you demanded, it would not be your change, and not
in your interest

dismiss the idea that any real
emancipation can come step by step from the existing institutions,
the steps they make in the other direction will always be more

see that if change comes from the
existing institutions, it extinguishes the big flames their
destructiveness has sparked, but the destructiveness carries on

be careful that what starts as
resistance doesn’t fall back into the civic form, and by this,
becomes containable

self critique is more important than
criticizing the system, that the system is shit is no news, but as
you never live fully apart from it, you are likely to reproduce it in
every act

be convinced of what you believe in,
but realize that no one is ever fully right

have no fear of the unpredictable, but
see it as a chance

see that what is predictable is very
likely to be a reproduction of the existing order

see that all this has been going on for
a long time, and that it will not finish with you

rule yourself only, and make no
cooperation with all those that try to rule others

demand nothing, occupy everything